Monday, July 5, 2010

What do I want to do for Nakawa as a legislator if I decide to run?

At all the meetings, conversations that I have attended (Ekiganiiro, Ssuubi, etc...) we have discussed issues that impact the electorate but obviously these issues do not sell papers or interest journalists as a story line.  For those who are asking why I have not yet come up with a laundry list of the things I want to clean up as an MP, I want you to know that I take a different approach to leadership. I do not 'tell' people what am going to do for them. Rather I ask them what they would like a legislator to do for them. The issues and solutions come from the people themselves.

Now ofcourse, I do stand for certain ideals that are outlined in FDC's draft and past manifestos. High up on my list are:
- Women's rights (land, succession, equal access to opportunity and emancipation, particularly political participation.)

- Political accountability - whereby voters hold leaders accountable to their campaign promises,

- Good governance which includes upholding constitutional rights and obligations, fighting corruption and abuse of office, separating the state from the ruling party, separating and promoting mutual respect among the three arms of government (executive, legislature and judiciary).

These causes, for which I have struggled the last 10 years; inform my thinking on legislating and appropriating public funds for national development. My understanding of 'taking power to the people' for example, is not creating smaller districts that are run by appointees of the central government. I would advocate for federating at regional/cultural level in larger units so as to benefit from economies of scale in administration; and also to benefit from taking governance and control of a significant amount of resources to the local level, thereby empowering these federated entities to make decisions and implement policies and programs based on their local priorities.

I have strong views on managing the population explosion which I believe is the result of a sinister population policy and neglect by the current government. I cannot address urban poverty without addressing the issue of birth control.

I am concerned by the neglect of urban infrastructure and services which makes our city look like one large slum, and am concerned by the appaling neglect of health and basic sanitary services to the highly congested 'real' slum areas.

I have questions about the application of the condominium law which enabled some residents in Nakawa Division (Bugolobi) to get ownership of their apartment units while residents of Naguru were left to fight off investors without being given the opportunity to buy their units.

As I learn more about the issues facing different constituents of Nakawa division, and after I have decided to run; I will develop a manifesto that addresses our common and diverse concerns as a constituency, one that is in sync with the overall goals of FDC and with my vision as a leader.


  1. i don't care what you'll do for the "people" just as long as we have one more enlightened legislator.

    our resent crop of honorables tend to fall short of the title a little too often.