Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another Reason Why all FDC Supporters Should quit MTN

An employee of MTN, Ms. Rene' Victoria, visited my wall on Facebook today March 30th 2011 and gave me more reason why we should step up the campaign to ensure that every person who supports FDC leaves the Mobile Thieving Network (MTN). Note that in the conversation she even states that 'We could be a thieving network...'!
Here is a verbatim transcipt of our conversation. The topic of our exchange was: 'MTN is spending $250,000 more on marketing and PR to kill our boycott stories in the media? Teach them that money does not buy everything! Switch to any other mobile phone network today and get two other people to switch from MTN every day.'

Enjoy! And after reading call someone with an MTN number and ask them to switch to any other network.

Rene' Victoria Stop lying.Just admit your the campaign was not effective and move on to more strategic planning for FDC

Anne Mugisha...That's so childish! The campaign is just starting we shall evaluate it quarterly.
Rene' Victoria I work in MTN so stop that stupid crap lo!
Anne Mugisha OK, that's it now that's less than childish, its outright abusive! And besides Chris Obore is a senior journalist and an Investigative Editor with a leading newspaper. I believe his crap. I dont believe you because you are an employee of the company and are trying to defend its position. Ninetheless I would never call you stupid, just less than childish. Hahahaha

Rene' Victoria We could be a thieving network, but the issue is the campaign has not worked.sorry......better try something

Rene' Victoria Thank God FDC is not in State House and some of its members are nto in parliament....gosh......

Anne Mugisha We are on day four of the campaign and you are already crying like a baby and degenerating into an abusive, frustrated discussant! Save yourself and your ranting for the tougher weeks ahead. As for not being in State House I guess you can... congratulate your company for that - they made sure. Now we have nothing to lose and you mt friend have a lot to lose as a company. Just avoid a personal melt down. Gosh what kind of people does this company employ. I cant imagine what a good company would think of an employee who states: 'I work for MTN and you are stupid!' Geez!

Rene' Victoria Hmmmmmm......some members of FDC are just a shame! The fact remains i thnk God each day that the likes of some members of FDC are not in State House and even in Parliament....FDC really needs to clean up its house goshhhhhhhhhhhh .....

Anne Mugisha ‎@Victoria Hahahaha, you give me perfect ammo to show FDC supporters! This outburst should be enough to start an exodus of all FDC supporters who are still with the thieving network. Thanks.


  1. This Madam Renee doesnt understand that a protest is not a riot. They are very different in character.Protests are protracted with long term goals riots abuse degeneration into juvenile delinquency are what people with little grey matter do.

  2. Slowly but surely......our members are positively responding to this cause!

  3. I did number was 0779294265

    am now on orange....the cheapest in Uganda...with the best quality of service n choice...MTN shud pay 4 its sins....