Saturday, April 30, 2011

Update on Kizza Besigye's Condition

Dr. Besigye is being treated at Nairobi Hospital and he has been seen by a physician an eye specialist and an orthopedic surgeon.

The Patient was received at the hospital, directly from the airport. He was 
examined and taken to theatre for a thorough examination and cleaning his 
eyes of what appeared like residue from the spray. At the same time his arm 
cast was removed as it was now ineffective and soaked in tear gas or 
other substance. The fracture was reset and his arm re-cast. The examination revealed injuries to the chest. Today he was reviewed and taken to Xray and scan to examine the chest further.

Specimens were taken to try and establish the nature of toxins, that were sprayed on Dr. Besigye even though we realize that some 60 hours after the injury it may be difficult to get an accurate assessment. The results of these lab tests are not yet available.

He remains on treatment for all his injuries.

Anne Mugisha
Dep. Sec. International Affairs


  1. Hi Anne,

    Many thanks for the update.

    We in the UK wish Dr. Besigye a speedy recovery.

    Mulangira Dickson Wasajja
    A4C - UK

  2. May the dear Lord reach down his HAND for you our beloved prezdo in Jesuis` name Amen.