Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Here is your chance to influence US policy in Africa

Obama ends his current foreign tour in Accra, Ghana and he is inviting Africans to ask him questions ahead of his historic visit. The speech he will make in Ghana has been touted by the White House as one in a series of 4 landmark speeches: The first was on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in Prague, the second on US relations with the Islamic world in Egypt, the third was in Moscow on US-Russia relations, the fourth will be made in Accra this week and it will focus on democracy and development.

Obama will be watched closely by Africans who have a lot of trust in what he can do for the continent. Watch the videos of his interview at and text him a question.

To text Obama from Uganda, simply text 'English' to +61418601934. If you don't receive confirmation in 10 minutes, send again to +45609910343. Text President Obama and ask him to comment on democracy in Uganda and to support electoral reforms ahead of the 2011 elections. Thank you!

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