Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Uganda is heading into election season and it will become increasingly difficult to tell fact from fiction. We will be inundated with bizarre stories and theories, some true but unbelievable, some untrue but convincing. There are already a number of puzzling issues related to the election campaigns:
  • Is there a rebel group in northern Uganda?
  • Why doesn't the president want rebels in Northern Uganda arrested?
  • Will KB face a recycled treason trial? Is that why the President is advocating no bail for treason suspects?
  • Will KB run for the presidency again? Should he?
  • What if Olara runs for president?
  • Why do government's major projects have a due date of December 2010?

'Mbu' is a blog dedicated to attempting to separate facts from fiction, reducing the confusion to make the election season more fun than annoying. It's your stress reliever after politicians wind you up.

'Mbu' is not a place for bitching and bad mouthing anyone. It's a place to seriously consider information, develop theories, make meaning of political puzzles and then declare our opinion..'Mbu.'


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