Friday, September 3, 2010

Anne Mugisha for Nakawa - September 2010

September 2010 is going to be a memorable month for many reasons, one of which is that I will turn 45 years on the 18th. But let us look at all the other reasons why it is an important month for me.

Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) will be electing party officials to fill up its party structures in Nakawa Division from the grassroots. These structures are the backbone of the party and they will implement party activities including campaigning and canvassing votes for party candidates in the 2011 general elections. The first elections for the establishment of structures will take place on September 11th 2010 when party members will elect both Polling Area Branch (PAB) Committees and Parish Executives. The elections will be held at the Parish where elections are ordinarily held at 2:00 pm on the same date.

The Party branch Committee at the polling station shall comprise 19 people who include: The Party branch chairperson; Deputy Chairperson, Treasurer, General Secretary, Secretaries for information and publicity, mobilization, health, education, environment, security, elders, research, development and veterans/pensioner. There will also be a branch Youth Leader and Woman Leader as well as committee members. All Branch Committees of the Parish become the Parish Conference which will on the same day elect 13 individuals to the Parish Executive .

Nominations for MPs in Party Primaries will be conducted on 21st and 22nd September, 2010 and elections for flag bearer will follow on 26th September, 2010.

Next weekend’s PAB and Parish elections are of particular importance to me as an aspiring FDC candidate for MP, Nakawa Constituency. The FDC Electoral College for flag bearer for Nakawa shall comprise all Polling Area Branch Chairpersons and all Parish executive members in the Division. A candidate with the most supporters among Polling Area Branch (PAB) Chairpersons and Parish Executives will obviously win the position of flag bearer.

One of my earlier concerns about the electoral process hinged on the fact that there were 71 new polling stations that were not known to all candidates on the eve of the postponed elections and the candidate who knew about their existence would have an extra 71 votes. These concerns were addressed by giving candidates extra time to obtain and use the new information. My other concerns with the electoral process are being investigated by the Electoral Commission and will be addressed in due course.

My appeal to you as a member of FDC in Nakawa Division and a supporter of Anne Mugisha for Nakawa is that you participate in the elections of September 11th 2010, with the intention of contesting and winning the position of Chairperson for your Polling Area Branch or becoming a member of your Parish executive. That is the only way in which FDC supporters of Anne Mugisha for Nakawa can participate actively (as voters)to ensure that we have a viable, winning candidate vying on the FDC ticket against the incumbent NRM-O candidate. Remember if you are not elected Chairperson for your PAB you still want to try and get onto the PAB Committee so that you have a chance of becoming one of the 13 Parish executives.

In order to contest for a position in the party structures you must be an FDC card holding member. If you have an expired card or would like to obtain a new card, please call me on 0791 77 00 55 so that I can help you get a card. Without your active participation we may end up with a flag bearer that cannot live up to the task of defeating Hon. Ruhindi – this is our ultimate goal. I believe am the candidate who will win Nakawa and I need you to go out there to your Parish polling area on Saturday 11th September and vie to become an FDC PAB Chairperson on Parish Executive member so that we can realize our goal of taking Nakawa for the opposition and making Kampala an ‘NRM-O-free’ District.

Anne Mugisha

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