Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Consulting: Anne for MP, Nakawa Division, Kampala District

One of the most parochial views in my Inbox this morning is that I should run in some place in Ankole which is my home. This could be the turning point for me! I needed an abbusrdity like that to make me run in Nakawa whether I win or lose (and I shall win!) So this parochial view is that Nakawa does not need another 'Ruhinidi?' Why would Buganda want to isolate itself from non-Baganda supporters of its cause? And I have been a staunch supporter of Buganda through the years which is more than I can say for many Baganda MPs today!

I have spent most of my life in Kampala/Buganda (1972 - 2001) and I have studied in some of the countries best educational institutions in Buganda: Kitante, Gayaza, Makerere. My family moved to Kampala from Mbarara in 1972 when I was 6.5 years old and I have never moved back. My parents moved back to Mbarara only 2 years ago! I started my work life in Kampala, Buganda and I have never servered my relationship with Buganda. Our first place of abode in Kampala in '72 was Bugolobi Flats. I am currently establishing residence in Bugolobi Bungalows...but why should I even labor the point? I am a Ugandan citizen with a right to stand in any Ugandan constituency as long as I meet the qualifications and requirements of the electoral law.
Incidentally, I have been invited by FDC and non-FDC supporters and leaders to run in Kibingo (a new district in former Bushenyi,) Mbarara municipality, and Mbarara women's seat. I have zeroed in on Nakawa because I feel a stronger affinity to residents of that community, because of my historical links to the city and because I understand issues of urban poverty, the threats of an expanding and unplanned city and because my heart beats to the rhythm of Kampala.

I joined politics in 2000 because some people threatened me, dared me, and challenged me; thinking I was unequal to the task. I like a challenge and if this was 2000 I would perhaps have declared my candidacy at this juncture. But am older and wiser and I want to look at some facts and figures before declaring my intention conclusively.

Buganda parochialism will isolate the Baganda unless (or until) Buganda embraces Ugandans, particularly those who understand and support their cause within a united Uganda.

One Uganda, One People!