Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Donate for Change in Mbarara District

0791-77 00 55, 0788244517, 0704891638
P.O. Box 400
Mbarara, UGANDA

November 30, 2010


I wanted you to know that on November 26th 2010 I was officially nominated by a Returning Officer of the Ugandan Electoral Commission thereby becoming FDC’s candidate for the position of Woman MP, Mbarara District. Thanks to the generosity of supporters like you, I raised enough funds for a successful nomination event. This campaign is not about what has gone wrong with our politics, economy and social services. There is enough evidence all around us of what is wrong. It is about giving the electorate a vision of where we ought to be and making sure that together we achieve that vision in our lifetime.

Ugandans who have been denied access to economic opportunity and basic social services are the audience and owners of this campaign. I know that we can work together towards realizing our goal of an equitable and just society and I need your support in order to take this message to the voters.

The successful launch of my campaign last week, has set new expectations for the quality of my campaign. We will use mobile technology, photography and the Internet in new ways to mobilize people for change. We shall also continue to use traditional campaigning tools like flyers, posters, t-shirts, caps, radio messages and above all door-to-door canvassing for votes .

I need your help to make a real difference. My campaign urgently needs funds to perform these activities. You can contribute in cash or in kind. I have opened an MTN Money Account number 0788244517 where you can send money for the campaign. Or contact me directly on phone numbers: 0791 77 00 55 or 0704891638 or email anne@fdcuganda.org If you are abroad you can transmit funds via Moneygram or Western Union to Mbarara. Otherwise you may transfer funds to my bank account, which I will provide upon request or make a payment with your debit or credit card via my Paypal account here:


I also welcome volunteers that may want to work with my campaign.

Together we can make a positive change.

Anne Mugisha for Woman MP
Mbarara District
Amazima, Obumwe, Entunguuka

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rwampara County, Mbarara District Polling Stations

Rwampara County, Mbarara District

5 Sub Counties
31 Parishes
130 Polling Stations

Bugamba Sub County
Kabrama Parish
  1. Kabarama Parish Hqts
  2. Nyanamira Market
  3. Nyarubare
  4. Rubingo Pri Shc
Kamomo Parish
  1. Kamomo I
  2. Kamomo II
Kibingo Parish
  1. Kangirerwe C.O.U
  2. Kangirerwe Pri Sch
  3. Nyaruteme Trading Centre
  4. Rwamuganga Trading Centre
Kitojo Parish
  1. Kitojo Pri sch
  2. Nyanga Pri Sch
  3. Ryamijo
Ngugo Parish
  1. Bituntu
  2. Kakongora Pri Sch
  3. Kakungu
  4. Kikuto C.O.U
  5. Ngugo II
Nyaruhandazi Parish
  1. Nshuro-Mutsibika
  2. Nyaruhandagazi I
  3. Nyaruhandagazi II
  4. Nyaruhandagazi III
Rweibogo Parish 
  1. Bugamba Pri Sch
  2. Rweibogo III
  3. Rweibogo IV
  4. Rweibogo Parish Hqts
  5. Rwemisha Trading Centre
Mwizi Sub County
Bushwere Parish
  1. Buhungye
  2. Bushwere I
  3. Bushwere II
  4. Bushwere III
  5. Kenkaranga Pri Sch
  6. Kikunda
Kigaaga Parish
  1. Ihobya
  2. Kabaya
  3. Kamukungu
  4. Kigaaga Pri Sch
  5. Rubagano
Ngoma Parish 
  1. Karamurani
  2. Ngoma I
  3. Ngoma II
  4. Ngoma III
  5. Ngoma IV
  6. Ngoma V
Rukarabo Parish
  1. Rukarabo I
  2. Rukarabo II
  3. Rukarabo III
  4. Rukarabo IV
Rwamiyonga Parish
  1. Ibumba
  2. Kanoni
  3. Kihangire
  4. Kyatoko
  5. Kyeyare
  6. Rwamiyonga I
  7. Rwamiyonga II

Ndeija Sub County 
Bujaga Parish 
  1. Bujaga
  2. Bujaga Parish Hqts
  3. Kashuru Pri Sch
  4. Kikonkoma Pri Sch
Kakikagi Parish
  1. Kakigani Parish Hqts
  2. Kakigani Pri Sch
  3. Nyabishekye C.O.U
Kibare Parish
  1. Kanyantura Pri Sch
  2. Kibare Pri Sch
  3. Kibumba Pri Sch
  4. Murago Pri Sch
Kongoro Parish
  1. Nyakatugunda Pri Sch
  2. Rugazi Pri Sch
Ndeija-Mulago Parish
  1. Kashuro Pri Sch
  2. Kyesika
  3. Ndeija Pri Sch
  4. Ndeija Subcounty Hqts
Nyakaikara Parish
  1. Kibuba Pri Sch
  2. Nyakaikara Pri Sch
  3. Rwemirokora Playground
  4. Nyeihanga Parish
  5. Nyeihanga Pri Sch
  6. Nyeihanga Pri Sch Playground
  7. Rwensinga Parish
  8. Kabutare Pri Sch
  9. Kaiho Pri Sch
Nyakayojo Sub County
Bugashe Parish
  1. Akayenze Junction Kibona
  2. Bugashe Pri Sch
  3. Kibaya Mixed Pri Sch
Katojo Parish
  1. Kakuukuru Pri Sch
  2. Kibingo C.O.U
  3. Ngaara Catholic Church
  4. Ngaara Pri Sch
  5. Nyakayojo Health Centre III
  6. Rwariire Pri Sch
Kichwamba Parish
  1. Kabasikozi Playground
  2. Kambaba Pri Sch
  3. Kantanda
  4. Kichwamba Junior Sch
  5. Mutukura I Cell Hqts
  6. Mutukura II-Karengye
Nyarubungo II Parish
  1. Ibaare C.O.U
  2. Kagaaga Pri Sch
  3. Karambi Catholic Church
  4. Katukuru Pri Sch
  5. Kijengye Pri Sch
  6. Kinyaza Pri Sch
  7. Rwakwezi C.O.U
Rukindo Parish
  1. Kagando C.O.U
  2. Nyakakoni Catholic Church
  3. Nyakayojo Senior Secondary
  4. Nyamiyaga
  5. Rukindo Pri Sch
  1. Kagasha C.O.U
  2. Kibingo P.T.C
  3. Nshungyezi Pri Sch
  4. Nyakayojo Subcounty Hqts
  5. Rucece C.O.U
  6. Rwakishakiizi Pri Sch
Rugando Sub County
Kitunguru Parish
  1. Kahunga Pri Sch
  2. Katereza Pri Sch
  3. Kitunguru Parish Hqts
  4. Kitunguru pri Sch
Mirama Parish
  1. Mirama
  2. Rucence Pri Sch
  3. Rwemiyenje
Nyabikungu Parish
  1. Ahakabare Mikamba
  2. Butahe C.O.U
  3. Mikamba
  4. Nyabikungu Parish Hqts
Nyakabare Parish
  1. Kyakanekye Pri Sch
  2. Nyakabare Parish Hqts
  3. Nyakabare Pri Sch
Nyarubungo Parish
  1. Kagongi Pri Sch
  2. Karora Pri Sch
  3. Kitwe Pri Sch
  4. Nyarubungo Parish Hqs

Mbarara Municipality Polling Stations

Mbarara Municipality, Mbarara District

3 Divisions
6 Parishes
99 Polling Stations

Kakoba Division
Kakoba Parish
  1. Kakoba Central (A-J)
  2. Kakoba Central (K)
  3. Kakoba Central (L-M)
  4. Kakoba Central (N-Z)
  5. Kakoba Central C.O.U (A-M)
  6. Kakoba Central C.O.U (N-Z)
  7. Kakoba Demo School
  8. Kakoba Quarters
  9. Kihindi (A-L)
  10. Kihindi (M-Z)
  11. Kisenyi (A)
  12. Kisenyi (B-J)
  13. Kisenyi (K)
  14. Kisenyi (KA-KI)
  15. Kisenyi (KO-L_
  16. Kisenyi (M)
  17. Kisenyi (NA -ND)
  18. Kisenyi (NE-S)
  19. Kisenyi (T-Z)
  20. Kiswahili (A-L)
  21. Kiswahili (M-Z)
  22. Kyapotani
  23. Lugazi (A-J)
  24. Lugazi (K)
  25. Lugazi (L-M)
  26. Lugazi (N)
  27. Lugazi (O-Z)
  28. Police-Prisons Pri Sch
Nyamityobora Parish
  1. Agip (A_L)
  2. Agip (M-Z)
  3. Central Cell (A-J)
  4. Central Cell (K-L)
  5. Central Cell (M)
  6. Central Cell (N)
  7. Central Cell (O-Z)
  8. Kilembe
  9. Lower Cell (A-L)
  10. Lower Cell (M-Z)
  11. Lubiri
  12. Lubiri Cell (A-A)
  13. Lubiri Cell (B-J)
  14. Lubiri Cell (K-L)
  15. Lubiri Cell (M-N)
  16. Lubiri Cell (O-O)
  17. Lubiri Cell (P-Z)
  18. Market (A-L)
  19. Market (M-Z)
  20. Old Bus Park
  21. Survey (A-L)
  22. Survey (M-Z)
  23. Ug. Bible Institute Nyamityobora (A-L)
  24. Ug. Bible Institute Nyamityobora (M-Z)
  25. Upper Cell
Kamukuzi Division
Kamukuzi Parish
  1. Booma Golf Course
  2. Hospital Staff Quarters
  3. Kakyeka Stadium (Kakyeka) (A-J)
  4. Kakyeka Stadium (Kakyeka) (K-L)
  5. Kakyeka Stadium (Kakyeka) (M-N)
  6. Kakyeka Stadium (Kakyeka) (O-Z)
  7. Kakyeka Stadium (Rwebikoona) (A-J)
  8. Kakyeka Stadium (Rwebikoona) (L-M)
  9. Kakyeka Stadium (Rwebikoona) (N-Z)
  10. Kashanyarazi Playground
  11. Mbarara District Headquarters I
  12. Mbarara District Headquarters II
  13. Mbarara District Headquarters III
  14. Ntare School
  15. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Biafra) I
  16. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Biafra) II
  17. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Biafra) III
  18. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Kakiika) (A-J)
  19. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Kakiika) (K-L)
  20. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Kakiika) (M)
  21. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Kakiika) (N)
  22. Pentecostal Pri Sch (Kakiika) (O-Z)
Ruharo Parish
  1. Kiyanja (A-L) Mbarara High Playground
  2. Kiyanja (M-Z) Mbarara High Playground
  3. Nkonkonjeru Pri Sch (A-L)
  4. Nkonkonjeru Pri Sch (M-Z
  5. Ruharo (A-L)
  6. Ruharo (M-Z)
  7. Ruharo I
  8. Rwizi
Nyamitanga Division
Katete Parish
  1. Kasenyi Primary School - Rwizi
  2. Katete Central (St Mary's P'Sch) (A-MU)
  3. Katete Central (St Mary's P'Sch) (MW-Z)
  4. Katete Market
  5. Kitebero (Shammah Pri Sch)
  6. Nsikye (Nyamitanga Division Offices) (A-M)
  7. Nsikye (Nyamitanga Division Offices) (N-Z)
  8. Nyamitanga Muslim Pri Sch
  9. Rwemirinzi Health centre
Ruti Parish
  1. Caritas Office Nsikye
  2. Caritas Offices Nyamitanga
  3. Kirehe (Ruti Rehabilitation Centre)
  4. Market (Ruti health Centre (A-M)
  5. Market (Ruti health Centre (N-Z)
  6. Rwizi (Ruti Muslim Pri Sch)
  7. Tank Hill (Victory Pri Sch)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kashari County, Mbarara District Polling Stations

Kashari County, Mbarara Ditrict

9 Subcounties 
47 Parishes
156 Polling Stations
Biharwe Sub County
Biharwe Parish
  1. Biharwe I
  2. Kamatarasi Pri Sch
Biharwe Trading Center Parish
  1. Biharwe Town Board Biharwe Trading Centre A-M
  2. Biharwe Trading Centre N-Z
Kishasha Parish
  1. Kishasha I
  2. Kishasha III
  3. Nyakanengo Trading Centre
Nyabuhama Parish
  1. Katojo
  2. Nyabuhama II
  3. Nyabuhama IV
  4. Nyaruhanga
Nyakinengo Parish 
  1. Nyakinengo I
  2. Nyakinengo II
  3. Rwemikunyu Trading Centre
Rwenjeru Parish
  1. Rwenjeru I
  2. Rwenjeru II
  3. Rwenjeru C.O.U.

Bubaare Sub County
Kamushoko Parish
  1. Katooma C.O.U.
  2. Katooma Pri Sch
  3. Komuyaga Pri Sch
Kashaka Parish
  1. Kashaka Pri Sch
  2. Kashozi Pri Sch
  3. Ntuura Pri sch
Katojo Parish
  1. Katojo HQS
  2. Katojo Parish HQS
Mugarutsya Parish
  1. Kanyara Trading Centre
  2. Mugarutsya I
  3. Mugarutsya Parish HQS
  4. Mugarutsya Pri Sch
Rugarama Parish
  1. Akabuga-Nkaka
  2. Kitojo Village
  3. Rugarama II Pri Sch
Rwenshanku Parish 
  1. Mukora Pri Sch
  2. Rubaare Sub-County Hqts
  3. Rwenshanku Parish Hqts
Bukiro Sub County
Bukiro Parish
  1. Bukiro Parish Hqts
  2. Kitengure Pri Sch
Nyanja Parish
  1. Nyanza I 
  2. Nyanza II
Nyarubungo Parish
  1. Akashanda Pri Sch
  2. Kibaare Pri Sch
  3. Nyarubungo I
  4. Nyarubungo Pri Sch
Rubingo Parish 
  1. Rubingo II 
  2. Rubingo III
Kagongi Sub County
Bwengure Parish
  1. Bwengure I
  2. Bwengure II
  3. Bwengure III
  4. Rugarama
Kibingo Parish
  1. Kibingo I
  2. Kibingo II
  3. Kibingo III
Kyendahi Parish
  1. Kyendahi I
  2. Kyendahi II
  3. Kyendahi III
Ngango Parish
  1. Ngango I 
  2. Ngango II 
  3. Ngango III
  4. Ngango IV
Nsiika Parish
  1. Akakinga
  2. Kibega Catholic Church
  3. Nsiika Catholic Church
Ntuura Parish
  1. Kyarushanje Pri Sch
  2. Ntuura Parish Hqts
  3. Omukagyera Pri Sch
Kakiika Sub County
Bunutsya Parish
  1. Bunutsya Parish
  2. Kagorogoro
Kakiika Parish
  1. Kakiika I
  2. Kakiika II
  3. Kakiika III
  4. Makenke I [A-J]
  5. Makenke II [K-L]
  6. Makenke III [M-N]
  7. Makenke IV [O-Z]
  8. Nyakabungo
Kakoma Parish
  1. Kakoma
  2. Katebe Pri Sch
Nyarubanga  Parish
  1. Kafunjo Pri Sch
  2. Kamwe Kamwe Trading Centre
Rwemigyina Parish
  1. Buremba Catholic Church
  2. Koranorya W_Market
  3. Rwemigyina II
Kashare Sub County
Mirongo Parish
  1. Igwanjura
  2. Mirongo I 
  3. Mirongo II 
  4. Mirongo III 
  5. Mirongo IV 
Mitoozo Parish
  1. Mitoozo I
  2. Mitoozo II
  3. Mitoozo III
Nchune Parish
  1. Nchune I
  2. Nchune II
  3. Nchune III
  4. Nchune IV
Nyabisirira Parish
  1. Akaihamba
  2. Kyenshama
  3. Nyabisirira I
  4. Nyabisirira II
  5. Nyabisirira III
  6. Nyabisirira IV

Rubaya Sub County
Bunenero Parish
  1. Bunenero Parish Hqts
  2. Rubaya Subcounty Hqts
Itara Parish
  1. Itara Catholic Church
  2. Itara Parish Hqts
Ruburara Parish
  1. Kahooma
  2. Mutoonto
Ruhunga Parish
  1. Geitemba
  2. Kaguhanzya
  3. Kateete
  4. Keigoshora
  5. Rugyerera
Rushozi Parish
  1. Kokundeka Pri Sch
  2. Kyamutambarire C.O.U
  3. Rushozi parish Hqts
Rubindi Parish
Bitsya Parish
  1. Bitsya Parish Hqts 
  2. Karuhitsi Pri Sch 
Kabaare Parish
  1. Ahanikiri 
  2. Kabaare Parish Hqts
  3. Kanyeganyegye
  4. Rubindi Subcounty Hqts A
  5. Rubindi Subcounty Hqts B
  6. Rubindi _Kabura
  7. Ruhumba 
Kariro Parish
  1. Kariro Parish Hqts
  2. Akabingo trading Centre
  3. Burebero Trading Centre
Karwensanga (Rugaaga) Parish
  1. Karwensanga II 
  2. Karwensanga III
  3. Karwensanga IV
Nyamiriro Parish
  1. Kurikayo Trading Center 
  2. Nyamiriro Parish Hqts 
  3. Rukanja Pri Sch
Rwamuhiigi Parish
  1. Rwamuhiigi I 
  2. Rwamuhiigi II
  3. Rwamuhiigi III
Rwanyamahembe Sub county
Kakyerere Parish
  1. Bwizibwera TC 
  2. Kakyerere II
  3. Kakyerere III
  4. Kakyerere IV
  5. Kakyerere V
Katyazo Parish
  1. Katyazo I
  2. Katyazo II
  3. Katyazo III 
Mabira Parish
  1. Kachwamba
  2. Kitokye Pri Sch
  3. Orubaare
Rutooma Parish
  1. Bugarama Pentecostal Church
  2. Rutooma II
  3. Rutooma III
  4. Rutooma IV 
  5. Rutooma Parish Hqts
Rwebishekye Parish
  1. Bwizibwera
  2. Bwizibwera Muslim Pri Sch
  3. Mishenyi
  4. Rwebishekye I
  5. Rwebishekye IV

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rose's Story

My transition from aspiring candidate Nakawa, Division to aspiring candidate for Woman MP, Mbarara District is complete on paper. The transition from urban to rural – semi-urban mind set, will admittedly take a little longer but I will get there.

There is a myth that everyone from Mbarara District, the land of milk and honey, is wealthy. It is simply not true. You will encounter poverty in Mbarara, perhaps not at the same frequency that you may find it in Northern Uganda, but the burdens of poverty are the same everywhere: Disease, illiteracy, workload, hopelessness and despair. Women carry their share of this burden and in many cases it is the bigger part.

The human stories of poverty are often lost in the indifference of statistics so I talk to people in order to bring indifferent data to life. Last week I met a young woman, we shall call her Rose, from Kyarwabuganda in Kashari. She seemed too young to be a mother but the baby she was holding was her fourth. Rose told me she was just a housewife, which I immediately understood to mean that she wakes up in the wee hours to light a fire and cook breakfast before going out to till the fields, collect firewood, do the laundry, tend to the children, cook again and clean the house before her hungry husband returned from work.

I probed her gently to learn her story and that is how I came to learn about her Nigina group. The group, one of many in the neighborhood, has 30 women participants who contribute 10,000/= each weekly and gift it to one of their members on a rotational basis. The women work hard to make sure they contribute so that when their turn comes round they walk away with 300,000/= shillings to do with as they please.

I loved this self help story and wanted it to have a happy ending. I asked her what the women did with all that money after months of waiting and she told me that most of them pay school fees and hospital bills. The women with spouses have found that Nigina makes their men abandon household bills because they know their wives will soon ‘harvest’ from the group. Some greedy men even demand a share of the money to spend in bars. That was not the ending I had hoped for.

After I empathized with her disgruntlement she continued without prodding to tell me another story. Rose’s father died when she was only a child and her mother sent her to live with a cousin, a headmistress of Rutooma Integrated Primary School; so that the little girl might get an education. She was only nine years old. Her cousin, a single mother with only one child, treated her badly. When she was not in class, Rose was tending to her cousin’s household chores even during break and lunch time on school days. One of her chores was to boil the fresh milk that came in daily. The poor girl lived in fear. She sat on the floor at mealtime while her cousin and benefactor shared the table with only her biological child.
One day Rose’s attention was distracted and some milk spilt as it started to boil. Fearing the punishment she would get, she tried to fill the milk pan by adding some water. The headmistress caught her and without uttering a word, she poured the boiling milk down Rose’s bent back.

The next day Rose went to school with her school uniform stuck to her peeled skin. Her teachers saw the blood and she told them what had happened but none would confront the headmistress. It took nearly one and a half months for her wounds to heal. When the term ended she returned to her mother and refused to go back to school until they found another benefactor at Kateebe Primary School.

Rose studied up to senior two and then got married. She now has a daughter and she says will remain in Nigina until her ten month old baby finishes school.

Anne Mugisha

FDC Flagebearer, Woman MP, Mbarara District