Monday, December 13, 2010

Press Release: December, 14th 2010

From the Office of the FDC Woman MP Candidate
Mbarara District


December 14th 2010
At, Kakoba, Mbarara:

Anne Mugisha would like to thank the people responsible for pinning up her posters at the Mahembe roundabout, Masaka Road and on Mackan Singh street last night. She wishes to inform the volunteers that they used the wrong posters which she had printed while still in the race for Nakawa Constituency, in Kampala. She has since been nominated for Woman MP, Mbarara District as FDC flag bearer. Ms Mugisha is aware of the love and support she enjoys in both constituencies and nationwide. She is grateful that some anonymous volunteers took the time and effort of download the poster, print it, purchase glue and engage labor to post it widely at their own expense.

She advises however that volunteers respect the population in her district (even if some cannot read) by using the correct poster designed for Mbarara District at all times. She added that her campaign is growing daily from strength to strength and will need many volunteers but they should use the correct materials.
Anne Mugisha

FDC Woman MP Candidate
Mbarara District